What People Are Saying……

S Gregory NSW

"After using the Original Crème for a week, I asked my husband if he could see a difference and his comment was that I was looking 5 years younger. I have found even after 2-3 weeks into using the crème, the size of my pores look less than half their original size. My fine lines appear almost invisible. I find that the crème is especially moisturizing. I can feel the cream on my face each morning."


Age: 49

"I have been using Jab’use for 9 years and people cannot believe my age. I have a busy life, with family and work. It is important to me to have a product that is easy to use, effective and affordable. I have seen a big improvement in hormonal patchiness in my skin, which evened out very quickly. There are days when I just put on my Jabu’she face cream a bit of lipstick and I am ready to face the day."

N Jobe Qld

Age: 52

"I have been using Jabu’she for 8 years. My skin feels so much healthier, the wrinkles that I used to have have gone and not come back. I am now 52 and when I go out with my daughter I am asked if we are sisters. I love this product, it is so easy to use and I will use it for life."

New Idea

"Success story of the year that lives up tot the hype"

Joanna Hall

"Few skincare products have the scientific backup of this Swedish face cream."