Frequently Asked Questions

Swede Success from Sweden is the only non-prescriptive facial cream that has a clinical trial that proves a reduction of wrinkles by an average of 51% (and up to 65%) over a 12-week period as published in the prestigious British Journal of Dermatology. It also reduces pigmentation, pore size and leaves the skin smoother.

1What do the Cremes consist of?
Swede Success consists of a world-patented formulation of ingredients. The active ingredients are Alpha Lipoic Acid, Coenzyme Q10 and Acetyl-L-Carnitine.
2What is the difference between Swede Success and other anti-wrinkle creams?
Most cosmetic preparations on the market only treat the epidermis (surface skin layers). They have ingredients based on substances, the molecules of which are too large to penetrate down into the Dermis layers of skin, resulting in no effect. In this context, the formulation of Swede Success is unique. It consists of specific active ingredients of very small molecules and, since it is fat and water-soluble, it has a unique capacity of penetrating the skin where it produces a true physiological result.
3Advantages and disadvantages of Swede Success?
The main advantage of Swede Success is that you can prevent and treat the appearance of wrinkles and sun-exposed skin in an efficient, simple and cost-effective way. The frequency of reported allergic reactions are not higher than in other similar cosmetic products or what is normal for food.
4Are there any side-effects associated with Swede Success?
Directly upon application, some people experience a slight tingling sensation. There may also be an itching or prickling feeling. This is a temporary and completely normal reaction, indicating the use of an active cream.
5Why has nobody produced such a cream before?
Producing a cream that really works means extensive research in identifying and comparing scientific results of different substances and then creating a hypothesis of how various substances would act synergistically. This is then followed by actually formulating and creating a product that is able to be used on a daily basis trying various combinations of substances. Above all, development continues with verification of direction with efficacy testing, safety analyses, and stability testing. These processes are time consuming and very expensive. Finally, when the confidence in the product is established, allowing the product to be subjected to a comprehensive independent study by a world authority in dermatology. In the case of Swede Success, there was a company prepared to invest in product development on a complex formula and manufacture process and all the associated work which resulted in the Swedish Success anti-ageing crèmes.
6Briefly, how does the cream work?
Swede Succes increases energy production of the cells and assists in age-related issues. Studies show that oxidised vitamins E and C in the mitochondria in the dermis layers of the skin are converted into an active form when the lipoic acid reaches the skin cells. Both vitamins are strong antioxidants and in addition, vitamin C contributes to the skin preserving its vitality. Swede Success works to produce a physiological effect unlike most creams which have vitamin C and E ingredients which stay on the skin surface and produce no effect. Studies also indicate that lipoic acid also stimulates the skin cells to convert the skin’s existing vitamin A into vitamin A acid which also has a repairing effect on wrinkles. In addition, the cream also has a muscle-astringent effect, thus increasing skin vitality.
7Is the product cost effective?
Swede Success contains a proven formulation with a high concentration of the active ingredients which is the result of comprehensive research and development followed by a strict quality-controlled manufacture process. In addition, it has been finally subjected to an independent clinical study. This makes the development costs of the Day & Night Crème high. However, the Day & Night Crème used twice per day lasts on average about 42 days. Also you do not need a day cream, night cream, repair cream etc etc. This makes Swede Success Day & Night Creme at $98.00 very cost effective.
8How quickly does the product provide its effect?
Some will notice the effect within 2-3 weeks whereas others may see results after one month. Most people appear to notice reduced pigment-spots and pore size relatively quickly.
9Who should use the product?
All those wishing to prevent formation of and reduce existing wrinkles and address issues with aged and/or sun-exposed skin. This product is suitable for most people. People with very sensitive skin should take care and ease into using the Soft crème which is formulated for sensitive skin.
10Packing and advertisement indicates that this product is intended for women. Wouldn’t it also be interesting for men?
Although our marketing communication is primarily targeted at women, this product is just as suitable for men.
11Swede Success does not contain any UV-protection. What should I do when out in the sun? Can you combine skin cream with sun-protection? Should Swede Success only be applied at night?
Swede Success deliberately does not contain any UV protection as most people apply the crème in the early morning and any UV ingredients would not be very effective many hours later when the sun is strongest. We advise Swede Success users to refrain from exposing their skin to strong sunlight or extremely cold weather directly after application. When going out into the sun, use your preferred sun block with the highest SPF rating.
12Can I use ”tan without sun” together with Swede Success?
Yes, but make sure you use a good “tan without sun” cream recommended by an experienced cosmetics sales person.
13What is the difference between AHA and Lipoic acid?
AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids, e.g. lactic acid, tartaric acid and glycolic acid) have a softening effect on the horny layer of the epidermis by reducing cell cohesion. After the softening, the outer horny layer cells can be peeled off. Wrinkles, and staining to some extent, would then be reduced. However, what are the long-term effects of removing some of the natural epidermis layer with reduced protection? We do not recommend this process or harsh dermabrasion techniques or even some strong exfoliation techniques which give the skin short term shine and temporary youthful looks which may actually result in long-term damage. Lipoic Acid combined with Coenzyme Q10 and Acetyl-L-Carnitine works in a totally different manner. These substances increase the skin’s ability to protect itself against free radicals as well as its capacity of producing energy. Wrinkle reduction is only one of several skin effects generated by Swede Success. Better colour, increased vitality, fewer coarse pores and reduced bags under the eyes are examples of other effects.
14Could Swede Success work for people with skin scars, i.a. from acne?
Swede Success has not been clinically tested for scar formation in skin, e.g. as a result of acne. However, in an open clinical study in the USA, a cream containing 5% lipoic acid did show favourable effect on skin scarring. (Perricone NV: Topical 5% Alpha Lipoic Acid Cream in the Treatment of Rhtids. Aesthetic Surgery Journal, May/June, p. 218-222, 2000).
15Does this cream reduce pigment spots?
During the clinical and photographic assessment, the number as well as the distribution of pigment spots have visibly decreased on several subjects. Many of those using Swede Success have been notably satisfied with this effect.
16Can you always use Swede Success?
You can naturally use Swede Success as part of your ongoing normal skin care regime. Also see next question.
17What are the effects of long-term use?
Those who continue to use the Day&Night Creme experience ongoing improvements of skin properties.
18Could the cream affect superficial blood vessels?
Swede Success increases the flow in superficial blood vessels, dilating these, possibly increasing visible flushing. For some people, using Swede Success may not be advisable if you are troubled by superficial blood vessels. However, some people with this problem have reported very positive results as the skin’s health has improved over time.
19Why does the cream have such a strong scent?
Perfume is added since the product with its specific ingredients has a comparatively strong and ”particular” smell.
20Does Swede Success contain any metals?
21Does Swede Success contain mineral oils?
No. What is generally meant by mineral oil is above all products from crude oil, e.g. paraffin oil and Vaseline. These oils are cheap and simple to use, but clog up pores and above all they are not renewable in the long run.
22How long would a 50ml tube of Swede Success D&N Crème or Soft Crème last?
Applied morning and night, a tube would last approximately 6 weeks.
23Could you recommend Swede Success to persons with skin redness and scaling (seborrhoeic eczema)?
Swede Success increases blood –flow in superficial vessels, causing these to dilate, and may make flushing more visible. Persons with diagnosed skin disease should always consult a dermatologist prior to use.
24What if the skin seems to stay too dry after using Swede Success?
Swede Success is not a very "rich" cream. Some women, especially when they are 50+, find that they may require additional moisturising. The reason is that the skin gets dryer with ageing. For some people, it may be necessary to complement with applying a neutral cream after Swede Success.
25What if the skin seems rough after use?
There is a small percentage of women that experience side effects. (The percentage for Swede Success is in line with cosmetics and food), Some women experience redness and/or have a "peeling" effect in that their skin starts to exfoliate. This is not dangerous, rather it shows that the skin is responding a bit too well to the treatment. In some cases, they may not be able to continue using the Original D&N Crème but have to switch to the Soft Crème. However, as some customers have noticed, when the redness disappears, the skin is left in very good condition.